The Suitcase: The Artisanship of Asia

The Asian sartorial community has substantially grown over the past few years, with the introduction of brands such as Yeossal, and other specialised tailoring labels. The Suitcase aims to bring these exclusive brands across the Pacific Ocean, making the Asian market much more accessible to Australia. We had the opportunity to speak with Johnny Li and Tom Chang, the founders of The Suitcase.

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5 Best Trouser Styles Every Modern Man Should Own

Creating a functional wardrobe takes a lot of trial and error, especially picking what trousers to own. The five best trouser styles you should start out with are dark wash jeans, khaki chinos, grey and/or navy suit trousers and the fifth can be a flex spot. The jeans and khaki cover your casual needs, the suit trousers of course can be worn formally and semi-formally depending on the fabric and the fifth trouser can be a choice dependent on your weather. For example, if you live in a tropical climate, opt for linen drawstring trousers.

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Talking Style with Mr. Oliver Farrimond

Born in the United Kingdom, Oliver Farrimond is a young and enthusiastic gentleman who shows much of his enthusiasm towards menswear, both sartorial and vintage. Based in Canberra, Australia, Oliver is certainly a local who visits Sydney quite often to get his bespoke garments. We sat down with Oliver over the internet (due to lockdown) to get to know him a bit more, as well as his style. 

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How to Buy Your First Dress Shirt

There are two most essential dress shirts you should own, a white and light blue shirt. Although very simple, these form the foundation for your wardrobe and are incredibly versatile. They pair with almost every coloured suit and any tie will look great with them. Alongside your first suit colours we recommended, these dress shirts pair so well with navy and grey, and give you so many styling options.

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Styling the Trench Coat

There is nothing worse than having a stylish wardrobe that is unequipped for the elements. Dressing in the rain can be awkward when unprepared, compromising style for functionality. This doesn’t need to be the case. One great way to avoid this is to wear a trench coat, one of the most practical pieces of clothing a gentleman can own.

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